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How do air conditioning systems work?

People usually associate air conditioning with cooling, but effective climate control also means adding heat when necessary. Installing a system that does both is an effective way to enjoy a comfortable working environment all year round.

How does Air Conditioning work? The basics.

Air conditioners should really be called air recyclers. They are essentially refrigerators without an insulated box that remove warm air, cool it and release it back into the room. This sequence continues until you reach the desired temperature.

Most air conditioners have filters that catch dust, pollen, smoke, mould spores and other everyday dirt to clean the air we breathe at work. In humid environments, they also extract excess water and use it to keep the unit cool.

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Better for you and the environment.

We only add chlorine-free refrigerants to our air conditioning systems, as they are healthier for users, environmentally friendly and offer reduced running costs. The evaporation cycle works by compressing the refrigerant, causing it to warm up. It is then run through the unit, until it turns into a cold, low pressure gas that absorbs atmospheric heat.

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