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Converting Your Workspace Into A Cool Haven

Waiting for the heat wave to strike again in the workplace without making any preparation might turn out to be a sweaty business in the long run. It’s just as stressful if the wrong air conditioning units are installed.

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Millennials Want To Breathe Cleaner Air At Work

As this generation moves into the workplace, we can expect that their concern over the quality of the air they’re breathing in their offices, will shake up some of the traditional concerns of the air conditioning industry.

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London To Embrace A Net-Zero Carbon Output By 2050

London is by no means the first metropolitan area to enact a net-zero carbon output. Other locations include New York City, San Jose, Stockholm, & Tokyo.

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UK Heatwave Boosts Commercial Air Conditioning Sector

A recent report on heatwaves has highlighted the need for changes to building regulations to prevent deaths due to overheating.

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What’s In Store For UK Air Con?

The opportunities for industrial air conditioning companies seeking to expand further into the home based UK Air Con market are considerable.

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