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UK’s First R32 VRF Solution

The growing focus on the environmental effect of refrigerants has fuelled demand for sustainable air conditioning solutions.

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HVAC Equipment Market Set to Boom

Most industry leaders are keenly aware that the value of the heating and air conditioning market is on the rise. However, a recent report has highlighted the fact that this very same sector should enjoy an even more profitable future.

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The RAC Industry Awards 2018

There are two ways in which the companies in this industry can ensure the function’s success. The first is by nominating deserving candidates for awards in the various categories. The second is in attendance.

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International Trade – The Trump Tariffs

One of the primary tenets associated with President Donald Trump’s election campaign was to enact his “America First” stance towards the importation of metals and similar goods from abroad. It now appears as if he is one step closer to fulfilling this promise.

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Common Air Conditioning Mistakes

What you need to do is make a few, very simple, adjustments and your wallet and lungs will thank you. At AirCentric, we will be happy to help you make these changes.

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