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UK’s First R32 VRF Solution

The growing focus on the environmental effect of refrigerants has fuelled demand for sustainable air conditioning solutions.

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HVAC Equipment Market Set to Boom

Most industry leaders are keenly aware that the value of the heating and air conditioning market is on the rise. However, a recent report has highlighted the fact that this very same sector should enjoy an even more profitable future. According to an analysis performed by Transparent Market Research, the global value of this industry […]

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The RAC Industry Awards 2018

2018 RAC Cooling Awards Ceremony The British refrigeration and air conditioning industry’s annual award ceremony will take place on the 26th September 2018. The venue this year is the London Hilton Hotel. All the brightest and best of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry meet and see how far the industry has come in the […]

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International Trade – The Trump Tariffs

The Potential Impact of Trump Tariffs. One of the primary tenets associated with President Donald Trump’s election campaign was to enact his “America First” stance towards the importation of metals and similar goods from abroad. It now appears as if he is one step closer to fulfilling this promise. Trump recently announced sweeping measures to […]

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Common Air Conditioning Mistakes

Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Mistakes with your Commercial System When it comes to commercial air conditioning, there are some things you might be doing the wrong way, and these could ruin your business. What you need to do is make a few, very simple, adjustments and your wallet and lungs will thank you. At AirCentric, we […]

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Benefits of Commercial Air Conditioning

AirCentric: Keeping You, Your Staff and Your Clients Comfortable All Year Round. Air conditioning: a hot topic? “Hot town, summer in the city,” sang the Lovin’ Spoonful back in 1966, “back of my neck getting dirty and gritty.” How much has the situation changed for the average worker since then? Incredibly, it seems that over […]

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